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Department of Psychology
Welcome to the Website of the Department of Psychology at AUB!

06.2017 - Psychology undergraduate student Ali Amhaz (2017 graduate) receives the AUB Penrose Award 

04.2017 - Psyc 101-201 makes the local news

03.2017 - Faculty member Prof. Arne Dietrich's research featured in Psychology Today



16 Nov 2017: Psychological colloquium presented by Nadine Moacdieh, Department of  Industrial Engineering and Management, AUB. Title to be anounced

10-11 Nov 2017: Workshop, in collaboration with the Psychological Assessment Center, AUBMC:

Psychological assessment in Arab countries: How to develop, adapt and use tests in research and clinical settings

Registration fee: $350 (students, groups and early-bird: $280).

For registration and information:

26 Oct. 2017: Psychological colloquium presented by Joachim Diederich, Department of Psychology, AUB. Title to be anounced

19 Oct. 2017: Psychological colloquium presented by Hala Darwish Hariri School of Nursing, AUB.   Title to be anounced

12 Oct. 2017: Psychological colloquium presented by Arij Daou, Biomedical Engineering Program, AUB.                           Title to be anounced

22 Mar. 2017: Psychological colloquium: "Priming and Compatibilities: Negative Effects, Motion, Masking, and Action" by Christina Bermeitinger, Institute for Psychology, University of Hildesheim.


17 Mar. 2017: Psychological colloquium, in association with ASOM: "Developing a model System for Cortical Blindness: The Neural Basis of a Visual Agnosia for Motion in Depth" by Bas RokerDeparment of Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

07 Mar. 2017: Psychological colloquium: "Behavioral and Neuro-Cognitive Signatures of Spatial Frequency Information in Face Perception" by Bhuvanesh Awasthi


02 Mar. 2017: Psychological colloquium: "Clinical Psychology Without Borders: War, Migration, and Mental Health" by Tania Bosqui


28 Feb. 2017: Psychological colloquium: "From Language Control to Executive Performance: Neurolinguistic Investigations into the Working of the Bilingual Mind" by Yanjing Wu


21 Feb. 2017: Psychological colloquium: "Elucidating the Cognitive and Neural Constraints Imposed upon Human Information Processing" by Shahd Al Janabi


14 Feb. 2017: Psychological colloquium: "Mental Health and Psychosocial Care for Citizens Affected by War" by Laila Farhoud


10 Nov. 2016: Psychological colloquium: "Living with Ongoing Political Trauma: The Prevalence and Impact of PTSD among Syrian Refugees" by Lina Haddad Kreidie


13 Oct. 2016: Psychological colloquium: "The Effect of Diacritics on Acessing the Meaning of Heterophonic Homographs when Reading Arabic" by Maryse Maroun


11 Oct. 2016: Psychological colloquium: "Castle and Cage: The Role of Home for Palestinian Children and Families" by Bree Akesson


19.04.2016: Psychological colloquium: presentation "
Procedural Chunks Identification in the Game of Chess by Jana Krivec


23.03.2016: In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the American University of Beirut and its Faculty of Arts and Sciences "
Psychology at the American University of Beirut: A Journey through Time by Shahe Kazarian


17.03.2016: Psychological colloquium: presentation "
Developmental Origins of Psychological Health by Paul DeCock


15.03.2016: Psychological colloquium: presentation "
Trauma in Focus: Individual and Collective Perspectives of Novel Prevention, Intervention and Theoretical Approaches by Andria Spyridou.


10.03.2016: Psychological colloquium: presentation "
Issues in the Measurement of Intimate Partner Violence: Alexithymia as an Automatic Bias by Patricia Eid.


04.02.2016: Psychological colloquium: presentation "
The “Arab” Personality: Quantitative and Qualitative Findings on a Personality Model and Test for the Arab-Levant by Pia Zeinoun.


25.02.2016: Psychological colloquium: presentation "
Learning from the Mate Choices of Others by Robert Bowers.


11.02.2016: Psychological colloquium: presentation "
Experience-Dependent Changes in Normal and Atypical Human Vision by Zahra Hussain.


04.02.2016: Psychological colloquium: presentation "
Probing Sensory Representations using Neuroimaging" by Julian Besle.


30.04.2015: Psychological colloquium: presentation "
The Beirut epidemiological investigation of the psychiatric status of youth" by Fadi Maalouf and Lilian Ghandour.


19.03.2015: Psychological colloquium: presentation "Null hypothesis significance testing: Should there be a ban?" by Prathiba Natesan.


12.02.2015: Psychological colloquium: presentation "Optimal subjective representations? How your brain tailors your perception" by Mariam Chammat.


05.02.2015: Psychological colloquium: presentation "Out of sight but not out of mind: Non-visual impacts of light on human physiology and behavior by Raymond Najjar.




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