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Calcium Metabolism and Osteoporosis Program







  • IOF One-minute Osteoporosis Risk Test

    Are you among the one in three women, and the one in five men over the age of 50 who will be affected by osteoporosis in their lifetimes?
    Osteoporosis weakens bones and leads to fractures.
    It causes severe disability.
    But osteoporosis can be detected early.
    It can be treated .
    If you knew something that could harm you was coming, wouldn't you avoid it?

  • New Educational Material from IOF for WOD

World Osteoporosis Day-Patient Brochure

News and Events


Marlene Chakhtoura, MD, MSc, received an award for outstanding poster presentation (category of Epidemiology) during the 7th Annual AUB Biomedical Research Day that was held on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at West Hall. The poster was one of the top 12 out of 122 posters presented. 

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Dr. El-Hajj Fuleihan spoke recently at an International Meeting on “Bone Energy Metabolism”, in Nyborg, Denmark. (Read)

Dr. El-Hajj Fuleihan speaks at Endo Bridge 2016 in Antalya, Turkey. (Read) 



AUB takes it part in
World Osteoporosis Day !!

Calcium Supplements and the Heart: Clearing Up the Confusion (More)





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