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AUB honors its top athletes for 2016-17
Safa Jafari Safa  |  Office of Communications  |  | 
The AUB University Sports honored 45 of its top athletes​ during its annual Athletes Night ceremony.  Amidst enthusiastic cheers from colleagues, team members, and coaches, the event celebrated the various achievements of AUB’s sports teams and athletes during the past sports calendar. 

President Fadlo R. Khuri commended AUB’s athletes for excelling in sports while keeping up with all the requirements for a degree at the “most academically demanding university by far in Lebanon and the Arab world.”

“You represent yourselves, your family, and your university with exemplary qualities,” said President Khuri. “I have been constantly encouraged, inspired, and impressed by the way you comport yourselves… and you do it with a smile on your face and an upbeat and resilient personality, knowing you are winning no matter what the final score is. You are our inspiration and our future.”

Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Talal Nizameddin, spoke about individual and team records, firsts, triumphs, and championships that were attained by AUB during the past year nationally, regionally, and internationally.  

“Tonight is a culmination of hard work; dedication; blood, sweat, and tears; successes; triumphs; and some failures too,” said Dr. Nizameddin. “You have done it all while struggling through AUB’s difficult labyrinth of exams, midterms, and papers. You epitomize the ethos and spirit of everything we are proud of at AUB. You inspire us with what you are and what you represent.”

All athletes were nominated by their coaches. Twenty-five MVPs were awarded within AUB’s various sport teams. Athletes’ performance on and off the courts was also recognized through special awards for commitment, sportsmanship, leadership, and work in sports media. 

Men’s football coach, Rabih Idriss, explained the reasons for nominating his team’s captain of two years, Abed Al Salam Saad, for the men’s Commitment Award 2017. “It’s about playing with ethics,” he said. “Abed deserves this award, he has had positive impact on the team and keeps it organized and in control. The team plays hard, with great chemistry, and is committed to give its best.” 

Awarded the women’s Leadership Award 2017 was swimming and women’s futsal team member, Lynn Abu Hasan. “I try to lead by example, exhibiting commitment and good manners on the court and in the pool,” she said. “It’s all about showing others your definition of leadership. I’m not the best in the futsal team but it’s about your attitude within the team and how you view the sport and the perspective you take while you perform it. I advise students to commit 100% to whatever they want to do. Don’t expect something in return; because if you do, you’d be doing it for the wrong reasons.”

Five students were also awarded scholarships for their distinguished academic as well as athletic performance. The scholarships partially cover tuition expenses. Missak Boyadjian (FAS), Rami El Shammas (FEA), Nour Hasbini (FEA), and Marina Fenianos (FEA) received the Distinguished Scholars Award. Bassam Adada (FEA) received the Farid Chaker Saab Award. 

George Khalil, a senior in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, with a minor in History, was awarded this year’s Men’s Athlete of the Year award for his performance in the water polo and swimming teams. Khalil won a Fulbright scholarship last year, and was accepted at Oxford University, Yale, and MIT where he received a full scholarship and will pursue his masters degree.

“Unlike what many people think, being an athlete in fact helps improve academic performance,” said Khalil. “It teaches one to be organized and skilled in time-management. Sports also teach us to give our best in what we do, to be able to take decisions, pre-calculate the consequences and impact of our actions, and take responsibility for action that affects us as well as the whole team or the environment that surrounds us.  This helped me succeed in academics, presentations, as well as interviews.” 

Woman Athlete of the Year for this year is Chemical Engineer junior, Marina Fenianos. Member of the Track-and-Field and Table Tennis teams for the third year, she won second place at the USJ international tournament, was on the winning relay team in the Beirut Marathon, and has won many gold and silver medals in the AUB Field Day. Amidst her thanks to all her colleagues congratulating her, she advised all students to join at least one team at AUB as “playing sports is a great escape from any stress that a student can face.”

“The greatest reward a coach can receive is the recognition for their athletes’ accomplishments,” said Head Coach of the Rugby League Program Mikhael Shammas. “The AUB Athletes’ Night showcases the paragon accomplishments of our student-athletes and all coaches brim with pride to see the athletes, who have become our kin, succeed.”

Congratulations to AUB’s amazing athletes – names and awards listed h​ere.
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  • ​The AUB University Sports honored 45 of its top athletes during its annual Athletes Night ceremony.  Amidst enthusiastic cheers from colleagues, team members, and coaches, the event celebrated the various achievements of AUB’s sports teams and athletes during the past sports calendar.​
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