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Student Publications

  • Outlook Newspaper 

Outlook is AUB's official independent student newspaper since 1949. Our weekly publication covers campus news, investigations, opinion pieces and other content related to the AUB community. The Outlook team is comprised of a dedicated group of students from various faculties, including members who have worked for international news publications. It has been cherished by the AUB community for decades and now continues to improve and grow in quality, diversity and most importantly, readership. Its readers are a diverse community of international and local students and faculty, with every Outlook issue directly reaching a whopping 12,000 people including AUB students, alumni, faculty, staff and visitors.
To know more about this newspaper, please visit The Outlo​ok Website​ 

  • Yearbook

The Yearbook office is more than just creating the Yearbook. We have five teams including the Business Team, Web and Social Media Team, Photography Team, Editorial Team, and Graphics Team, who each share an equally important role. We work together to create the final Yearbook and to hold various events throughout the year. The two most important events are the Fall and Spring Photoshoot that are held at the end of each semester for the graduating students and which is full of fanfare and fun. The yearbook team has become a family all working hand in hand to produce and raise our beloved baby, The Yearbook. Please pass ​by our office if you have any questions or if you are in need of any information.

Don't pass unseen, 
AUB Campus Yearbook Team


AUB Students taking AUB Campus yearbooks 2011-12



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