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Enrollment Management Unit

The Enrollment Statistics and Management Unit is the executive arm of the Provost’s Office that controls student enrollment numbers, student diversity and quality. ESMU conducts continuous research on best practices in the realms of admission criteria and policy. ESMU further enables the Provost Office with analytical studies touching on all matters of interest to AUB's Chief Officer for Academic Affairs.

Enrollment Statistics and Management Unit

AUB has witnessed a 24% increase in enrollment in the last 10 years. The Enrollment Statistics and Management Unit is meeting the challenges in promoting institutional success by enabling effective strategic and financial planning.

Our Role

ESMU supports the Provost in data-driven decision making endeavors as part of the Strategic Enrollment Management efforts. It acts as custodian of the admission process and is continuously engaged in conducting correlation studies between admission criteria and student success, in addition to producing necessary prognostications to control student body size and quality. The unit is equally involved in providing analytical reports for the Provost office on  key performance indicators gaging  the effectiveness of institutional practices in the areas of faculty productivity, cost of instruction, academic offerings and student experience.

Our Mission

To serve as the main reference and source of institutional data and perform as a delivery vessel of all statistical data indicators pertaining to academic affairs such as admission, student registration, student retention, student success, student life,  academic offerings, faculty productivity, cost of instruction, and international ranking.

Our Guding Principle

The main guiding principle of ESMU is maintaining a data rich environment conducive to data mining, trend discovery, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling.

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