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New Student Orientation Checklist

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Below is a checklist that helps new students navigate through the different processes and systems at AUB. 

Click here to download the checklist

​I. Access and complete your ​Orientation program


​If this has not been done yet, please activate your AUBnet account and access the AUB email
Video guides:
For AUBnet check this Video  
For AUB email check this ​Video

Preferably no later than July 10, 2024

​Access your AUBsis (Student Profile)
Check this Video 
​To check Bio info, English placement, primary advisor name, etc... 
​Follow the OSA Instagram page
​Make sure to follow OSA Instagram @osa.aub to receive the latest updates and information.


​Check the New Student Orientation program
You will find all that you need to complete the Orientation process successfully (TBA)
​Attend the Live Meet & Greet sessions on WebEx
​The details are in the Orientation Program page 3
​Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document
If you have any concerns you might have your answer here
Access the New Student Orientation Moodle Course
Check the Video for guidance
The course will open on Thursday, July 18, 2024 
8.​​Check your specific Faculty/School On-Campus Orientation sessions

These sessions will take place during the on-campus orientation week (Page 7)

 9.*If you are an international student, attend the New Student Orientation Course and the International Student Welcome program on Moodle Refer to this page for more information​

II. Registration and Payment

You should log in to AUBsis first before clicking on the appropriate links.

Web Course Registration - new students
-Click on Course Registration/Prepare for Registration/Log in using your AUBnet account/Check the time ticket​
Check this Video guide
August 22- 23, 2024

Print My Schedule by Day and Time 
-Click on Student Profile/Click on Student Schedule
Print My Statement of Fees
-Click on Student Profile/Log in using your AUBnet account/select Banner/student services and financial aid/student records/Select Web Statement of fees​
Update my address while at AUB 
-Click on the Student Profile/Academic Transcript/Personal Information tab
-Click on View and Update addresses and phones 

Submit my Medical Records
Medical record Video guide
Upload yourPhoto to be used on the ​​​AUB ID card
Photo ID Upload Video guide
Submit My Family Information Form
For your parents to receive AUB publications and for AUB to invite your parents to events on campus and in their area of residence
HIP Exemption  - (AUBsis)* Excluding Exchange Students- Between TBA. Expect to receive an email from the HIP office for more details

Click on the Student Profile/Academic Transcript/Student Services tab again/HIP exemption

NSSF Declaration Form (​Office of Registrar)

From TBA​​​

Obtain My AUB Photo ID Card
ID Center, Fisk Hall

Connect to AUBdot1​X Wireless Network
AUB Campus
​Make sure to complete your Title IX online training- on Moodle​
​Deadline: one month after receiving the email from the Title IV


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