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 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

      ​​​The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) invites proposals for the “Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)" Grants program every academic year. CTL offers grants to faculty members to support projects which will examine and reflect upon the teaching and learning practices in specific disciplines and which use research methods and make the results known to the campus community and beyond. 

Proposals that focus on creativity and innovation in teaching with technology and the use of new instructional technologies and tools that have the potential to impact student learning are encouraged.

The program considers proposals of budgets not exceeding $2,000 Fresh USD.


SoTL awarded titles 2012-2021​​

SoTL Awardees

SoTL 2023 awardees:  Dr. Nadine Darwiche ; Dr. Maya Sfeir 

SoTL 2022 awardees:  Dr. Maya Romani; Dr. Lina Abi Fakher Kantar,​ Dr. Mohammad Harb

SoTL 2021 awardees​:  Dr. Amy Zenger; Dr. Ramzi Sabra; and Dr. Lama Charafeddine

SoTL 2020 awardees: Dr.​ Hazem Hajj; Dr. Angela Massouh; and Dr. Jumana Antoun​

SoTL 2019 awar​​dees: Dr. Nour Alayan; Dr. Marco Bardus; Dr. Mayada Kanj; Dr. Rola Khishfe; and ​​Dr. Ali Tehrani​

SoTL 2018 awardees: Dr. Serena Canaan, Dr. Ammar Olabi; Dr. Rabih El Mouhayar, Ms. Aline Germany, and Dr. Mona Nabulsi

SoTL 2017 awardees: Dr. Joumana Antoun, Dr. Lina Abi Fakher Kantar, Dr. Malaki Khoury, Dr. Marco Bardus, and Dr. Zane Siraj Sinno


SoTL 2016 awardees: Dr. Imad Bou Akl, Dr. Farook Hamzeh, Dr. John Pill and Dr. Rana Sharara Chamii

SoTL 2015 awardees: ​ Dr. Yasser Abunnasr, Dr. Farid Chaaban and Dr. Issam Srour

SoTL 2014 awardee​s: Dr. Faroook Hamzeh, Dr. Rima Afifi et al and Dr. Jad Melki 

SoTL 2013 awardees: Dr. Lisa Arnold, Dr. Issam Srour and Dr. Nathalie Zgheib

SoTL 2012 awardees: Dr. Issam Srour, Dr. Rana Sharara-Chami, Dr. ​Lama Charafeddine and Dr. Rima Afifi​


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