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Leadership, Equity, and Diversity (LEAD)


AUB's Commitment to Equity and Diversity in Education:


“Diversity and inclusion—these are among AUB's top priorities, and the positive impact is ​three-fold benefitting the students, their communities, and the University itself. Comprehensive scholarships have an enormous effect in developing a whole new cadre of diverse, AUB-educated, world-class scholars who are ready to impact society in a meaningful way. Our expectations for students in these programs are enormous. They will grow up to be leaders of tomorrow's society. They will understand that fear of the other is an obstacle and not an asset. They will understand that every human being has great value. These are the qualities the University and these programs seek to embed in students—allowing us to tackle the pernicious inequalities that affect all societies." — President Fadlo R. Khuri, MD

 AUB envisions playing a leading role in societal change as an institution of higher education:

  • building citizenship and transforming youth into agents of change;
  • serving as a model of ethnic, social, economic, and cultural diversity;
  •  hailing tolerance and freedom of expression; and
  •  engaging in interdisciplinary teaching and research that addresses societal challenges.​


The LEAD initiative promotes diversity and aspires to offset inequities in access to transformative education through supporting the development of world class graduates who will become the next generation of leaders. As agents of change equipped with the necessary skills, LEAD graduates will positively impact their communities and instill humanistic values in their societies.


LEAD is a collaborative platform that ensures coordination, efficiency and synergy among various entities at AUB to promote the success of its programs and increase comprehensive scholarship opportunities. LEAD supports students from underserved communities in their transition to university, engagement in transformative learning experiences, and embarking on a career path as change agents. LEAD champions the principles of inclusion, diversity, and equity in higher education, providing a model for other universities to follow.

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Jocelyn DeJong, LEAD director and Associate Provost

LEAD Programs: 

provide comprehensive scholarships for under-represented groups at the American University of Beirut. These programs are remarkable in how they go beyond the traditional provision of financial support for the most excluded groups, by adding civic engagement and leadership development, targeted academic and psychosocial support, as well as career preparation and guidance.

​​Transformative Education for Scholarship Students :

The LEAD​ Initiative​ in collaboration​ with the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service ​ensures transformative education​ for ​all scholars. ​​


The University Preparatory Program a “key enabler program for integration”: ​

​The LEAD Iniatitive in collaboration with the University Preparatory P​rogram ​ensures a smooth transition for a transformative university experience. 


The Office of Grants and Contracts: “​Supporting Management of Funds for Scholarship Programs”: ​​

The LEAD Iniatitive in collaboration with the Office of the Grants and Contracts supports the awards management and initiates further scholarship funding. ​

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